BioFilm Control® Package

BioFilm Control provides a complete package enabling R&D laboratories to use the BioFilm Ring Test® technique.

The BioFilm Control reader is a scanner specially adapted for microplates reading. It is associated with image acquisition and analysis software developed by BioFilm Control (BFC Elements® 3). The foot print is minimal (size of a conventional scanner for A4 format).


The BioFilm Ring Test® technology and the resulting tests (Antibiofilmogram®, clinical BioFilm Ring Test®, Enzyme Ring Test®) are based on the measurement of the mobility of superparamagnetic microbeads subjected to a magnetic field.

Free to move, the beads accumulate above the mini-magnet and form a spot visible by naked eye. Embedded in a biofilm, no spot appears. A picture analysis by the proprietary software Biofilm Elements generates a score, the BioFilm Index BFI, between 0 (no spot) to 20 (spot)

BioFilm Ring Test Kit®

A kit consists of 5 96 wells microplates and reagents in sufficient quantity : 1 BHI medium bottle, 1 vial of superparamagnetics microbeads and contrast liquid for reading.