Since 2005, BioFilm has been a privileged partner of cosmetics stakeholders for the evaluation and optimisation of their active ingredients under real conditions of use.

We work with R&D laboratories and marketing teams to help them characterise the activity of their products on skin microbiota or improve their formulations to achieve the desired effects.

Our customised services as well as our study models make it possible to provide solid scientific evidence to accelerate the development of products and validate assertions and claims on the skin microbiota.

  • Objectivising the effectiveness of ingredients on the microbiota
  • Optimising formulations
  • Asserting an action on the skin microbiota…


Our R&D on oral microbiota and our specific study models make it possible to effectively optimise and certify hygiene products.

Oral microbiota colonises hard surfaces (dental plaque) and soft tissues (oral mucosa) through the formation of biofilms. A dysbiosis of the oral flora leads to the proliferation of opportunistic bacteria likely to cause infections such as cavities, gingivitis and periodontitis.

Oral health, and more broadly the general state of health, is therefore closely linked to the microbiota equilibrium in our mouth.

Our customised study protocols as well as our study models make it possible to faithfully reproduce the use of hygiene products in order to quickly reach key stages in the development of products and obtain claims about the oral microbiota.

  • Screening active ingredients and formulations on simple or complex models of the dental microbiota
  • Validating a cleaning or disinfection process on any medium (brushing, dental implant, dental units, etc.)
  • Characterising an active ingredient/formulation/finished product in order to prevent or treat the colonisation of dental pathogenic flora…


To target the most promising candidate molecules, we screen antimicrobial molecules from the early stages of their development.

We support Research and Development departments and companies that want to identify and develop new antimicrobial molecules. Our tests and analyses resulting from several years of R&D make it possible to obtain data relating to the antibiofilm activity of drug candidates obtained on the preponderant form of bacteria, the cause of chronic infections. Our tests and measurements are carried out by following a protocol that is customised for each customer study.

Our entire range makes it possible to de-risk these projects and accelerate their development while optimising costs.

  • Optimising the screening and analysis of antimicrobial molecules
  • Analysing antimicrobial activities from the early stages of adhesion in biofilm mode
  • Providing data on the antibiofilm activity of drug candidates for the treatment of chronic infections…


The eradication of resistant bacterial strains causing recurrent contamination is a major industrial challenge. We analyse decontamination solutions on all types of media and different types of biofilms.

The elimination of biofilms is a major challenge in the production units of many industries for which quality and hygiene are key, particularly in a hospital setting, for medical devices or in the agri-food industry.

The biofilm organisation of microorganisms leads to increased resistance of bacteria to common disinfection treatments. To benefit from an effective sanitation and disinfection programme, we help our customers to understand how biofilms form, to control and eliminate biofilms at their source. If the treatment is not adequate, their resurgence is likely and produces an outbreak of contamination.

  • Identifying contaminating microorganisms from on-site samples
  • Qualifying and improving the effectiveness of treatments on the prevention and eradication of contaminating microorganisms
  • Optimising disinfection programmes…


In order to prevent contamination risks causing foodborne infections, we analyse resistant microbial strains and help our customers to identify the most relevant solutions.

Biofilm contamination of production lines in the meat industry, in the dairy industry or during the manufacturing of food products is responsible for almost 40% of instances of food poisoning in France. Our expertise in resistant contamination in the biofilm form provides you with customised support in order to secure all stages of your production chains, over the long term.

We operate with industries and manufacturers in prevention upstream of production as well as curatively from the first stages of appearance of contamination, to prevent the formation of recurring contamination linked to the appearance of resistant strains.

  • Preventing and eliminating contaminating microorganisms and their establishment in biofilm
  • Studying the ability of packaging and coatings to limit the development of spoilage flora
  • Limiting financial losses related to the formation of contamination and optimising quality processes…


To prevent the formation of bacterial biofilms on medical devices, we analyse the antimicrobial properties of treatments, coatings and materials.

Contamination of medical devices is a major problem that can occur at any time during the life of the products. Our expertise in micro-organisms in biofilm form makes it possible for us to reproduce the conditions of use of medical devices, on all surface types (hydroxyapatite, titanium, fabrics, stainless steel discs, PP, PS, PET bottles, etc…).

We help our customers to develop, validate and accelerate the marketing of their products, by reducing the risks of contamination and the related health costs, while complying with regulatory requirements.

  • Validating the sterility and the anti-infection and antibiofilm properties of the medical device surface
  • Studying contamination by pathogenic strains of clinical origin on all surface types
  • Improving cleaning and sterilisation processes…


The demonstration of the effectiveness on the microbiota of food supplements is key for an individual’s health. We qualify the activity of these supplements on the colonisation of the microbiota.

An individual’s health is closely linked to all the microbiota in the body (intestinal, vaginal, ocular, etc.). This commensal flora, organised as biofilm and beneficial to health, can be the cause of pathologies during dysbiosis.

We support companies developing prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics in the characterisation of their products and provide results relating to the activity of food supplements on the maintenance or restoration of symbiosis.

  • Analysing the capacity for the colonisation, adhesion and persistence of probiotics
  • Analysing the activity of prebiotics on the microbiota
  • Identifying the panel of micro-organisms that are sensitive to customer products…