BioFilm Control
Biotechnology R&D company


BioFilm Control is a Biotechnology R&D company, created in 2005, which has developed a disruptive proprietary technology, using magnetizable microbeads, protected by 10 patents and 16 brands. This technology detects the biofilm behaviour of micro-organisms and was automated in 2009.

BioFilm Control markets BioFilm Ring Test® kits in 96-well microplate format for R&D.

BioFilm Control also offers services:

  • Research & Development : biofilm kinetics assays, biofilm detection on any support… using the BioFilm Ring Test (Chavant, 2007) or conventional methods (Crystal Violet…) ;
  • Diagnostic : clinical Biofilm Ring Test® (Di Domenico, 2016) and Antibiofilmogram® (Olivares, 2017)

For more information, see our page dedicated to the service activity.

Beyond microbiology, BioFilm Control exploits the performance of its original technology using magnetizable microbeads in the field of Enzymology, with very high sensitivity, to perform enzyme mapping (lyases, proteases, lipases,  nucleases…), or to characterize enzyme activities on soluble polymers (with real-time kinetics monitoring on a single sample).

BioFilm Control has also set up a Scientific Committee composed of: Dr Jehl, CHU Strasbourg, coordinator of the French Antibiogram Committee, Pr Laurent, AP-HP Lyon, Osteo-Articular Infections expert, Pr Lavigne and Sotto, CHU Nîmes, Diabetic Foot Infection experts.

The management team

Thierry Bernardi
Manager & Founder

Thierry BERNARDI is the founder of BioFilm Control and the inventor of the BioFilm Ring Test®. He has co-authored eight publications and ten patents concerning BioFilm Ring Test® technology. Before founding BioFilm Control, he held several R&D and Business Development positions in start-ups and multinational companies. In 1991, he obtained his Pharm.D from the University of Montpellier (France).

Christian Provot
Scientific Director (CSO)

Holder of a PhD in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Christian Provot has 22 years of experience in the field of R&D applied to diagnostics, manual or high throughput sequencing (HTS) in the fields of health, cosmetics, pharmacy and food, using molecular biology, immunological methods (ELISA with optical, fluorimetric or luminometric detection). He joined BioFilm Control in June 2013.

More than 150m2 de laboratories

1 laboratory
P2 level, 90 m2

1 laboratory
dedicated to production

The robotics plateform

BioFilm Control operates its Hamilton Robotics station, a dedicated platform:

• for the preparation of microplates (antibiotics, compounds, etc.)
• for the inoculation of bacterial suspensions
• for the incubation and reading of microplates

Up to 4000 tests per day, under sterile conditions (microbiological safety station specially designed for the platform).