BioFilm Control
Biotechnology R&D company


BioFilm Control is a Biotechnology R&D company, created in 2005, which has developed a unique proprietary technology, using magnetizable microbeads, protected by 10 patents and 16 trademarks. This technology makes it possible to detect the biofilm behavior of microorganisms and was automated in 2009.

The BioFilm Control reader is a scanner specially adapted for microplates reading. It is associated with image acquisition and analysis software developed by BioFilm Control (BFC Elements® 3).

The BioFilm Ring Test® technology and the resulting tests (Antibiofilmogram®, clinical BioFilm Ring Test®, Enzyme Ring Test®) are based on the measurement of the mobility of superparamagnetic microbeads subjected to a magnetic field.

Free to move, the beads accumulate above the mini-magnet and form a spot visible by naked eye.  Embedded in a biofilm, no spot appears. The implementation is simple and the results are given in the form of a numerical index (BFI) which reflects the aggregation of the beads under the effect of the magnetic field.

Our technical expertise covers all phases of the life cycle of a biofilm, from adhesion to dispersion.

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