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Research & Development

ISO13485 certified, BioFilm Control has a unique proprietary technology for studying biofilms: the BioFilm Ring Test®. BioFilm Control is committed to meeting your expectations by offering you tailor-made studies adapted to your needs. For any service request, contact us directly at, and our dedicated team will provide you with its expertise.

Our expertise

BioFilm Control offers you a wide range of personalized services and skills for your studies in the field of microbiology.

Our technical expertise covers all phases of the biofilm life cycle, from adhesion to dispersion:

Our resources

• Level 2 containment laboratory of 85 m2

• Biological safety cabinets for the handling of class I and II pathogens

• Robotic platform under a safety cabinet

• Laminar flow hood

• -80°C deep freeze cabinets

• Microplates reader

• Spectrophotometer

• Refrigerated centrifuge

• 5 microbiological incubators

• Refrigerated incubators

• Inverted optical microscope with camera and optical microscope

• Filtering station

• Chemical hood

• Automated gram staining

Our offer

Access to a collection
of nearly 200 proprietary strains

Implementation of studies adapted to
your needs while complying with your normative and regulatory requirements

Fully customized management
of your projects

of your studies guaranteed

Clinical services


Antibiofilmogram® is a proprietary BioFilm Control technique designed to study the efficiency of antibiotics on the “biofilm” behaviour of pathogenic bacteria in Human and Animal Health

The Antibiofilmogram® is an Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) technique applied to biofilm formation. To date, it is the only automated technique that can provide additional data to bacterial susceptibility tests with the possibility of saving time.

The BioFilm Control service offer covers 5 infectious areas:

  • Joint & Bone  infections
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcer infection
  • Lung infections
  • Cystic Fibrosis infections
  • Urinary Tract Infections

clinical BioFilm Ring Test®

The clinical BioFilm Ring Test® is a method to evaluate the potential of bacteria to form a biofilm.

This potential can be correlated to the pathogenicity of bacteria and the severity of the infections caused.

This technique allows a large number of strains to be tested quickly and can be applied to all bacterial species.

Antibiofilmogram® and clinical Biofilm Ring Test® (cBRT) are proposed as services, for research and diagnostics, in order to support decision making.

For any question regarding shipping conditions:

  • In France and Belgium, please contact Airdiag ( ; +33(0)6 36 37 74 61)
  • In North America (USA, Canada) and worlwide, please  contact Biofilm Control (; +33 4 73 33 39 80)