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BioFilm Control, your privileged partner

to perform your microbiological tests and analyzes

Unique expertise in microbiota

Access to a collection of microorganisms from different microbiota
of nearly 2000 strains

Implementation of studies adapted
to your needs while respecting your normative and regulatory requirements

Fully personalized management of your projects
1 dedicated contact at your side

Guaranteed confidentiality
of your studies

Our objective:

Satisfy our customers by supporting them in their projects.
ISO 13485 certified, traceability and rigorous monitoring of all of our services are guaranteed.

Unique know-how
and mastery of biofilms

Within the various existing microbiota, the microorganisms that colonize
the skin, organs, teeth, prostheses, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, etc.,
organize themselves in the form of biofilms.

BioFilm Control has developed an expertise in the study of
this specific mode of development of the microbial world.
Our know-how extends from the first hours of bacterial adhesion
to the study of its detachment and therefore of the expansion of the biofilm.

This unique expertise is offered to our clients in the form of personalized services.


For any service request, contact service@biofilmcontrol.com,
our dedicated team is at your disposal to support you in your projects.

They trust us

“As part of the development of an innovative process,
we set out to find a partner who could support us in the test phases.
BioFilm Control quickly presented itself as the ideal partner:
responsive, with solid expertise and with a large laboratory.
Thus, we were able to refine our test protocol and quickly obtain
relevant results that allowed us to enter into discussions with a market leader.
Today, having BioFilm Control by our side allows us
to conduct our new projects with confidence.”

CEO at ATTOM, www.attom.eu

“The Biofilm Control team listened to us to develop new tailor-made studies.
The constructive and easy exchanges allowed us to reach our objective
within our deadlines and budget. »

Mathilde HAGEGE
Innovation & Incubation unit Manager in Research and Development

“As part of a project to develop our BB-Biont™ active ingredient,
which promotes the balance of our holobiont for smooth, blemish-free skin,
we had the opportunity to collaborate with BioFilm Control to study
the effect of BB-Biont™ on the establishment and destruction of C. acnes biofilm.
BioFilm Control was able to listen to our expectations and was able
to offer us a reliable solution adapted to our needs thanks to their mastery
and knowledge of biofilms. We really appreciated this collaboration
and we will work together for future projects.”

Camille SILOU
In vitro tests Research Engineer