BioFilm Control

BioFilm Control is a French biotechnology company, created in 2005.
Expert in microbiology on the study of the biofilm behavior of bacteria, we develop innovative solutions that are unique in the world, around a major public health issue on a global scale: antibiotic resistance.

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2 November 2021

BioFilm Control featured on

BioFilm Control is one of the companies featured in the AntiMicrobial Resistance special edition of Biopharma Dealmakers, Springer Nature Group, Nature Research Custom Media.Have a look at our presentation: "Breaking through the matrix of…
17 May 2021

Commercial launch of the Antibiofilmogram® BST Staph®

On December 15th, 2020, BioFilm Control announces the next commercial launch of the Antibiofilmogram® BST Staph®: Biofilm Susceptibility Testing, the first test evaluating BioFilm with clinical utility. With the Antibiofilmogram®,…
10 May 2021

Biofilm Control attacks antibiotic resistance at the source

Antibiotic resistance: the next “Covid”? As Thierry Bernardi, founder of Biofilm Control, explains: “Biofilm behavior is normal bacterial behavior, natural since the dawn of time, offering an evolutionary advantage, resistance to…


BioFilm Control provides R&D laboratories with the necessary equipment to use BioFilm Ring Test® technology

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