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Friday, April 29th, 2022

Health: The diagnosis suffers from a disconcerting handicap: it is not expensive!

Between the risky bet of “blind” prescriptions and the announced failure of new antibiotics, the Health expert at the Concorde Foundation Jacques Marceau explains, in a column in “Le Monde” journal, that the answer lies in the construction of a new business model, unlike the current one in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Concorde Foundation report estimates, in addition to the human tragedies and the disastrous societal consequences of a bacteriological health crisis linked to the development of pathogens resistant to antibiotics, at more than 600 million euros an annual additional cost for our health system directly attributable to chronic bacterial infections.

Promising diagnostic technologies have already demonstrated their clinical efficacy, such as the Antibiofilmogram®. This test makes it possible to improve the use of antibiotics by reducing the risk of therapeutic failure and recurrence, and thus to fight effectively against antimicrobial resistance. This improvement targets the hitherto undetectable part of the bacterial life cycle, the biofilm, which is at the root of chronic infections and the development of the dreaded resistance.


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