BioFilm Control Reader ®BioFilm Ring Test ® Kit

BioFilm Control offers a complete package allowing to use the BioFilm Ring Test® method.
The BioFilm Control reader is a scanner specially adapted to read microplates. It is associated with a dedicated software for image acquisition and analysis, developed by BioFilm Control (BFC Elements® 3). The size is minimum (size of a traditional scanner for A4).

The BioFilm Ring Test® kit and tests derived from (Antibiofilmogram®, Affinity Ring Test®, Enzyme Ring Test®) are based on the measurement of the mobility of superparamagnetic microbeads subjected to a magnetic field (see Principle and Results in “technic” page). A kit is composed of 5 microplates (or 480 wells) and sufficient reagents: a culture medium vial of BHI, a superparamagnetic microbeads tube (“TON”), contrast liquid (“LIC”) for the reading step.


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Software ®

The BFC Elements 3 software integrates a calculation algorithm, specifically developed for analyzing microplate images, allowing to convert to a digital value the intensity of the spot formed.

It associates to each well a BioFilm Index value (BFI) inversely proportional to the amount of biofilm formed.

The numerical values allow to get graphical representations of measured phenomena, such as kinetic curves of biofilm installation and dose response curves for anti-biofilm molecules.

Antibiofilmogram® plate

BioFilm Control offers Antibiofilmogram® microplates ready for use, specially adapted to a microorganism and a pathology (e.g. Pseudomonas aeruginosa, linked to lung infections). A set of 11 antibiotics, the choice was determined in connection with microbiologists and clinicians, is tested for its ability to inhibit biofilm formation. For each antibiotic, 8 doses are tested. The wells contain dried antibiotics which are dissolved during the addition of the bacterial culture.

Example of Antibiofilmogram® microplate to study pulmonary infections

Values in mg/L