Congress of the French National Society of Microbiology

Tuesday October 10th, during the 80th congress of the French National Society of Microbiology, BioFilm Control and BioFilm Pharma organized the symposium « biofilm and infections », under the supervision of 2 chairmans François JEHL (Strasbourg, Pdt of French Antibiogram Committee) and Dr Patrick PLESIAT (Besançon, National Center of Reference Resistances) with :

Dr David Lebeaux (HEGP Paris)

biofilm and medicine, what therapeutic perspectives ?

David shown a review of biofilms, antibiotic tolerance, the craddle of resistances and the need of new approaches « biofilm » for diagnostic and therapy

Dr Alix Pantel (Nîmes)

diabetic foot ulcer infection, a complex biofilm

Alix presented the DFU case, a biofilm visible to the naked eye, a complex community of bacteria named « pathogroup », that delay the wound healing, and the opportunity for clinicians represented by the new Diagnostic test Antibiofilmogram®

Jason Tasse (Lyon)

hospital infections : the italian experience

The clinical results of the italian team from San Gallicano Institute at Roma were presented by Jason, with cases of therapeutic failures and succes linked to biofilms, with the « clinical Ring Test » approach