3rd World AntiMicrobial Resistance Congress

During the 3rd World AntiMicrobial Resistance Congress, Friday September 15th at Washington, BioFilm Control and BioFilm Pharma organized the biofilm session with :

JM GHIGO, Institut Pasteur Paris

Looking for new perspectives to fight bacterial biofilm infections

A top and up-to-date review of biofilms, tolerant bacteria named persisters, and strategies to prevent or cure biofilms

Dr Y. Plétan, Ultrace

A major biofilm clinical case : the Diabetic Foot Ulcer

15 millions of new cases each year worldwide, $1 billion costs in the US, the biofilm clinical case n°1 is the first focus for BioFilm Pharma

Dr E. Di Domenico, IFO Rome

When the biofilm is visible: wound infections

Biofilms delay the wound healing, and this clinical case need new Diagnostic tools and Therapeutic drugs « anti-biofilm »